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High quality repairs… 3 easy ways to get your device to us!

Walk in repair centre based at Hertford Road

Postal Service, call us to request a pre-paid envelope, it’s hassle free.

Call out service, we come to you and repair your phone at the convenience**
*Our while-you-wait repairs service is subject to availability of parts. Also, please call us before you pop over to avoid a lengthy wait.

**Call out service available within M25 area, subject to condition or problem with your mobile

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We are located inside IC Properties

What Our Customers Say

Have had all my phones iPods fixed here…Good prices…The man is a legend!!   verified


Tips For Mobile

You don’t always have to come and see us to fix your phone. Sometimes one of our very useful mobile tips can save you a few pounds in repair costs- and its entirely free!

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We stock a wide range of accessories for all major phones and can also provide bespoke solutions at the highest quality. For more info please contact us.

4 days ago

Contrats again to Hugh, winner of our last competition! Make sure to like this page to see our next one!

4 days ago

Apprentice material here! If you need your fone repaired by this young lad or the fone guru, Nick himself, go to www.fonesandtones.co.uk

5 days ago
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Apple Watch series4 44mm used have box up for sale for £249.99 only GPS no cellular good condition. Inbox if interested. @ England

5 days ago
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Fonesandtones Repairs
Call us for the best prices and while you wait repairs. 07949300033 @ London Borough of Enfield

6 days ago

The hands of a surgeon - Ding Dong 🛎

6 days ago
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Samsung s9 screen replacement
#samsung @ London Borough of Enfield

1 week ago

Fix your fone today! - 0208 372 2206

2 weeks ago
Come see how quickly Nick can fix a iPhone 6 screen!

WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT! Come see how quickly Nick can fix a iPhone 6 screen!

2 weeks ago

Giveaway extended to this Friday! Check our page out for how to enter and the prizes!

We repair iPhones, Samsung phones, Huawei and more! Check out our website for more information: ... See more

3 weeks ago

Only 4 Days until our competition is over! Get your Like, Shares and Comments in now for a chance to win!

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We Are: Mobile Devices Repair Specialists
Fones & Tones provides expert mobile phone and device repair services. Our mobile phone technicians have the skill and expertise to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing with your phone. We provide mobile phone repairs for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, and more. If you are looking for fast and efficient repair services in London, we are pleased to provide you with affordable prices and quality services.

PhoneMend in London

iTechnician in London

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